Who is Javaprince Embedded

Well to begin with, Javaprince is a name in the Nigerian Tech industry as a couple of us bear the name here with our obsession with the Java programming language here in Nigeria as kids as we were growing up and learning programming at the same time.
Java which is the only programming language that stands out when it comes to the object oriented designs is my favourite coding language and my  friends made me their prince in our cycle.
Now forget about that little joke, as the RED coloured EMBEDDED is the only difference between all the other  Javaprinces  you must heard about. 
Yea a red hat Linux user and and a digitally obsessed boy who lives in the western  country side.
It does not really matter how you see this but I just live a life of electronically modified environment, as everything around me always seem to be virtual.
I love cats so much and I will continue from here next time
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