Friday, May 12, 2017

The Mozilla Foundation has agreed to be the home of Thunderbird, the high-performance open-source secure email client

The uncertainties  behind the most powerful open source email client may have been resolved lately as Mozilla accepted to be the home of the software at least for some time to ease the stress on the Thunderbird council about its independence.
It is only a deal as the Thunderbird council is expected to come up with a timely plan and work closely with the Mozila Corp to help it gain the autonomy it needs to have.
The Mozila's acceptance to oversee this progress is to make it possible for Thunderbird council  to focus on the technical challenges that it has faced for a very long time.
One of the adopted strategy by Thunderbird worked to have  develop a revenue stream, which would be needed regardless of an eventual home. So the Thunderbird Council arranged to collect donations from the app users, with the Mozilla Foundation as fiscal sponsor. Many months of donations have developed a strong revenue stream that has given the council the confidence to begin moving away from Mozilla-hosted infrastructure, and to hire a staff to support this process. Legally  Thunderbird existence is still under the Mozilla Foundation through their ownership of the trademark, and their control of the update path and websites that the council make use of use.
However infrastructure is moving to where they’re already running some Thunderbird-only services.

‘Optimistic about the future of Thunderbird’

The Thunderbird Council say they are “optimistic” about the future.

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