Friday, May 12, 2017

Saturday, June 17 Where in your area is Global Reddit Meetup Day taking place?Set Your Calendars

  This year, we will be celebrating the eighth (yes, EIGHTH! Can you believe it?) annual Global Reddit Meetup Day on If you’ve never attended a Global Reddit Meetup before, it’s a day where redditors from around the world come together and enjoy each other’s company, laughs, and camaraderie. There are often board games, brass bands, barbecues, bouncy houses, beverages, and who knows—maybe a surprise guest or two?
Reddit is home to millions of people, communities, and conversations online. Together over the years, you’ve taken inspiration from each other’s ideas, and you’ve turned some of the internet’s most remarkable ideas into IRL moments. One such idea came in late 2009, when users in r/meetup suggested a GLOBAL Reddit meetup. Since then, every summer, we (deliberately) encourage you to get off Reddit (for at least one day) and meet fellow redditors IRL.

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