Tuesday, April 18, 2017

LEDUNIA - A WiFi IoT development board with Flash memory, Blynk Integration, Compatible with Arduino IDE and Breadboard compatible

LEDUNIA - the name of new development board and campaing on kickstarter.com.
The main component of LEDUNIA is ESP8266 WiFI chip (used on e.g. NodeMCU). 

The designers used ESP8266, so they have an easier way to implement the support of that in Arduino IDE - Wiring language. The designers on campaing website write that LEDUNIA is NOT only clon of NodeMCU.

You connect LEDUNIA to laptop easily through USB A, you don't need an USB micro/usb cabel (if you have enough place around the USB connector).

The grid of pins is 2.54", so you can insert the LEDUNIA to breadboard without the problem.

You have a choice a lot of programming languages like Wiring, microPython, Java or Lua.

Except ESP8266 you find on the board also 32 MB memory, USB connector, internal antenna and u.FL connector for external antenna, 4x RGB (WS2812). 

LEDUNIA doesn't contain button. No reset, no user button. LEDUNIA supports OTA programming.

That also contains USB converter by FTDI.

The dimension of PCB is 55.5 x 25 x 7.9 mm.
Price going to start from 27 Euros.

Ledunia is a powerful development platform for the Internet of Things,
based on the ESP8266 microcontroller. It’s a wifi-enabled development board, including a full TCP/IP stack, which you can use for rapid prototyping any IoT application you can think of.

And yes – it’s plug and play. 
Ledunia is based on the proven ESP8266 microchip technology, but with a twist.

We’ve added a Windbond 256M-bit Flash Memory, which means you now have an incredible 32Mb serial flash memory for your projects. This is 8 times more memory than any other development board available on the market right now.
With this 32 Mb flash memory you can implement much larger and more complex programs than with comparable boards, including sophisticated web-based app Blynk that can include your own fonts, CSS, content and so on.

And uploading has never been easier. We have completely eliminated the push buttons for the upload or reset process. The upload is handled automatically by the software, which guarantees maximum freedom, especially for the development of enclosures for your ledunia projects. 
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