Sunday, March 19, 2017

Windows 10 IoT Core platform, Microsoft Surports Open Source Arduino hardware

 Arduino, a favourite programming language of IoT developers all over the world has been recently announced by Microsoft to be part of the programming platforms for the  Windows 10 IoT Core with its Arduino wiring. The Arduino wiring is now part of the numerous choices of the languages for the Windows 10 IoT Core with other programming options which includes C#, C++, Visual Basic, JavaScript, Python and Node.js.
On an IoT Core device, an Arduino Wiring sketch runs as a background application (headless); i.e. there is no UI visible on an attached monitor. This is similar to running a sketch on an Arduino device such as the Arduino Uno for example. However, you can still debug the sketch as you would any other app under Visual Studio by inserting breakpoints and/or stepping through the code. Additionally, to enable verbose output logging, Serial.print() and Serial.println() have been updated to send their output to Visual Studio’s debug pane when the sketch is running under the debugger (the output will also be sent to the serial pins). The Log() function can be used to output to debug as well. 
Adding Arduino to the available languages gives developers using Windows 10 IoT Core as their main platform more language options and access to more devices and their controllers. 
For many Arduino Wiring sketches, simply copying the source code from the existing one to a new Arduino Wiring project in Visual Studio editor and replacing the pin numbers with the ones on your device would suffice.
Arduino sketches runtime behavior on IoT Core devices is similar to other Arduino devices, with every function implemented to work the same way when interacting with the various controllers. However, Arduino Wiring sketches are also Windows Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps and thus can be extended to call any UWP APIs such as networking, storage, Bluetooth, media, security and others; for example, you can communicate with Bluetooth devices, connect to Wi-Fi network or even create a OneNote app using Arduino Wiring.
Additionally, you can wrap your sketch inside a WinRT library and use it in any UWP app, including UI apps. Building Arduino Wiring Libraries guide details the steps needed to create Arduino Wiring based libraries. Adding Arduino support  to Microsoft windows gives developers another option and gives Windows 10 IoT Core an edge on the corroboration in the open source IoT platform.
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