Friday, March 10, 2017

The Nigerian Open Source Community and the way forward

Nigeria and Africa in general is a ripe land for extensive Linux deployment. We are a developing country with very little resource at our disposal.
Though some of us have been able to lay our hands on some of the open source hardwares like Arduino, Parallela, the Raspberry pi and perhaps other few.
Given this little resource, it should be judiciously used to increase our economic growth . Societies with high level of human development(skilled worker) are also highly economically developed. An average person in Europe, Asia And North America, use computer and the Internet,this had lead to an increased productivity.
Relying on propriety software will be too expensive for us and to avoid issue with piracy, I advocate using free and open source software. This will save us a lot of money and might even make money for us.
I have being using Linux for about five years now and I know its very stable, secure, fast and above all has saved me a lot of money . The Top Open source application I use at home are:
1. OpenOffice (an Office package similar to Microsoft Office Packages)
2. Firefox / Chrome
3. Gimp (similar to photoshop)
4. Pidgin (Internet chat client)
5. Mplayer (Media player)
6. VLC (Media Player)
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