Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How to Escape Google: Linux Format Issue 221 March 2017

Escape Google and reclaim your cloud! We look at how you can build your own cloud network using the best open source tools and services. Dump insecure, untrusted proprietary services for open source alternatives. Take back your data and secure it in your own cloud. From email and messaging to document collaboration and file sharing open source offers the best solutions.
I2p - better than TOR!
Laptop tips - get the most from Linux on your laptop
Dual-boot it! - create an easy dual-boot system
Discover CentOS - dive into the serious server distro
MicroPython - Run Python on the BBC micro:bit
Pi Voice - talk to your Raspberry Pi
Allen Samuels - The creator of the Ceph distributed storage solution
The ‘other’ kernel - We test a host of BSD distros
Total War: Warhammer - WAR comes to Linux gaming!
Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti - is this budget gaming card you’ve been looking for?
http://www.linuxformat.com for details.
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