Sunday, March 27, 2016

From sinful robots to a weired sex tweaking butts with VR control

The future of technology will not be confined to just two dimensions – our future interaction with technology will more closely mirror our real world. Technology coexisting in our real, three-dimensional world, beyond screens and pixels.

We believe that the future is holographic, and as a result reality and tecnology will soon be hardly differenciated. It is not realy to promote nudity but imagine a sensual device so advanced in technology that allows you to experience the ultimate in cyber passion, virtually blurring the lines between fantasy, porn and reality.

With a groundbreaking Cyberskin technology, the producers of pornographic and sex toys dare you to act out your wildest dreams.

By submerging you into a VR adult film, gadget or sex toy that are able to produce the most realistic and immersive experience, you will never believe it is this real. Whether it ’s a fully immersive adult film being viewed on the most advanced VR headset that ’ s about to launch in the years to come, augmented reality goggles that allows you to interact with characters, a hands -free sex toy , or a realistic-doll-like simulator that simulates the movements of interactive virtual characters with haptic feedback and more...people will still pay for them and people are buying.
With two versions available, the TwerkingButt features multiple twerking patterns, customizable rhythms, massage speeds, sensual vibration, and simulated body heat. Control the TwerkingButt with the included remote or from your smart phone (Android or iOS) or tablet.
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