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A polytechnic graduate from Nigeria has deveoped a Thunder lightening Power Transmission system which can Power the whole of Africa

Finally we have found the Solution to the Epileptic Power Supply in Nigeria.
A graduate of the Electrical and Electronics
Engineering at Institute of Management
and Technology (IMT) Enugu, Emmanuel
Obayagbona, has claimed that he has a
solution to Nigeria's protracted problem of
inadequate power supply.
The 31-year-old who hails from Benin City, Edo
State said that with the project he is
working on at the moment, Nigeria will be
able to generate a total of 1,000,000 volts
of electricity within a short period of time.

In an interview by the NTA international last weekend during the weekend deal programme which he was a guest, he talks about how he can supply power to the Entire Africa through lightning energy and other similar projects he
had embarked upon among other things.
According to Obayagbona Emmanuel Imafidon, over the years, our country have been
experiencing the problem of epileptic power
supply unlike in some other countries like in
Ghana, South Africa and others. It has been
a big probleinquiries you csn reach Emms onbut the solution has
finally come.

Most people will say that the problem of
Nigeria concerning power is vandalization.
The government blame the youths for
vandalizing the gas that is used to generate
power while the youths is blaming the
government for their lack of management.
But I don't think this is the time to lay
blames on anybody, but we should be
talking about solution to the problem. He further explained that the solution to Nigeria power problem is not
hydro-electricity because it cannot meet the
country's need of electricity. Fossil fuel is
not even an option neither will solar energy
salvage the situation. He reassured that the solution is
thunder Lighting.

Thunder lightning has the
highest power on earth. It comes with static
electricity which is more than
330,000,000volts and a power of more than 20billion watts. This power generating plant comprises of the trapping
zone, the storage zone and the transmission
zone. When the lightning strikes the trapping zone with the help of  the lightning
arrestor will trap 5,000,000volts charge from
the lightning and dissipate the energy to the
storage zone for harnessing, then through the help of the
censoring zone, it will discharged
1,000,000volts from the storage zone and
dissipate the voltage to another zone which i will not talk about. It is my little secret. The 1,000,000volts charge will be distributed to
the transmission zone which is made up of
5 high tension step-down transformers. The
first high tension step down transformer will step down from 1,000,000volts
to whatever the country needs but I suggest
that we step down to 330kv then we will now step down from 330kv to 132kv. The second high tension transformer will
step down from 132kv to 33,kv. The third
high tension transformer will step down the
33kv to 11kv, then the fourth high tension
transformer will step down the 11kv to
415volts. But from the first high tension
step down transformer, the current and the
voltage can be distributed to National or
International Grid."
When asked if there are other similar project he has
embarked upon besides this current one? His replied

" I have invented a lot of other inventions, for instance
thunder lightening energy converter. It is
a power generating plaint that traps lightening from
thunder, stores the charges and convert the static energy into electrical energy which
is capable of generating constant electricity
to the whole of Africa for 5years and 30days per strike of lightning. I have another
invention, the automatic generator shutdown turn on and change over switch. This device can turn off your
generator automatically when there is public
power supply without fluctuation of the
electronics and the lighting system in the
house. This device does it on its own
without the user going out to turn-off the generator and changing over to public power supply. During the changeover period from
generator to public power supply, you will
not notice any fluctuation. It can also be
used to turn on any generator that has key/
automatic choke, remote controlled power
generator and press button generator with automatic
choke from the house. This device can shut
down ten generators at a time immediately
there is public power supply. Another invention is 12 hours renewable rechargeable solar energy emergency wall
clock lighting system. It is a device that can provide
light for 12hours when there is public power
outage. As soon as there is public power
outage, the lighting system that is built
around the clock will automatically come
on. This device can illuminate a sitting room, office,warehouse,super market etc. I also have another invention which
is an Automatic Water level drinking trough for
livestock. It is an equipment that can supply
water automatically to poultry birds without
the farmer going to give his livestock water to drink
all the time. There are other inventions i am
still researching on which I believe will come
to limelight very soon.
When asked
What is the inspiration behind these inventions? He said every inspiration has a source. God is the
source of my inspiration. "God gave me this
idea on October 1st 2004 through a dream.
This is not the first time God is giving me
inspiration. It has also been like that for
other projects I have done." He also stated that he has what it takes to set up a
prototype of the thunder lightning energy converter, just that he do not have the financial
back up to set it up. That in America, when a
young man has ideas and non-working
prototype, you will see all their engineers
putting heads together until that invention is
perfected, but in Nigeria, the reverse is the
case. According to him he said he still needs some level of support from
like minds to make the system commercially available.
His major challenge is how to scale up this
prototype into more advanced level by
getting industrialized equipment that will be
used to scale it up. This project needs a
team work. "For this invention to come to
limelight, we need the government,
parastatals, private individual and
companies' coming together to assist in
providing the necessary materials that will
be needed for this project to be a working. He was also asked As a student how he managed to combine the project with his studies he said "there is time

for everything". He continued "I give time to research about
my inventions and also to my studies. I do
read at night, but some people think I don't
read. But in all, God has really been helping
me because sometimes some of the
researches I get involved in could be very
tasking such that reading becomes a big
What will be your advice to the government?
He said the government should encourage
inventions and innovation. That China and
other world power are where they are today
is because they encourage inventions. So
Nigerian government should support their
youths to go into science and technology.
Had it been that Nigeria is supporting
inventions and innovation, we would have
gone out to buy weapons to fight terrorism.
If Nigerian government can support her
youths, we will go farther than other
countries thanks.
Reach Emma through
Obayagbona Emmanuel

Spirate Engineering Services Ltd

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