Monday, February 8, 2016

RoomAlive another way Microsoft uses to control people

        What is RoomAlive?
RoomAlive is capable of transforming any room
into a giant playing arena. It is an extension of
Microsoft’s previous IllumiRoom research project.
It uses and combines Kinect and projectors to
create a unique augmented reality experience in a
room. You can interact with the objects and play
it. It uses six Kinect depth cameras for depth
How RoomAlive projects things?
The basic unit of RoomAlive is called a node. A
node consists of a projector, a Kinect camera and
a computer. The node is fitted on the ceiling and it
creates a 3D projection in the room. Microsoft
research has used around three such nodes to
cover an average sized living room.
How it engages the player?
RoomAlive tracks your position continuously in the
real time. Anytime you touch a surface, it responds
and acts like a touchscreen. This is possible
because the projectors are knowing your positions.
It uses parallax technology i.e. using 2D
projections to look like 3D projections. Microsoft
has also enabled a technology named Mano-a-
mano i.e. two people can enjoy a unique
perspective in the same room.
What games are available right now on RoomAlive?
Games developed for RoomAlive include Whack-A-
Mole. In this game, players have to use an infrared
gun to bust moles which appear all around the
room. Another game includes a robot fighting
game played with an ordinary Xbox controller.
A Microsoft Research spokesperson says :

“There’s still lots to explore with RoomAlive
as a gaming platform, we envision a future
where games can use physical objects as
part of the game.”

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