Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Fastest, most affordable and most reliable ISP in Nigeria is (

Tizeti Network Limited with of Nigeria with its ISP name of offers the most affordable and and reliable internet services to Nigerians with their ultra modern WIMAX Facilities.
With only a N20,000 worth of equipment to connect your computers to gadgets to the internet. The dream of IoT in which means Internet of Nigeria things (IoT Naija) is becoming a reality.
With about N8,500 Monthly or N7,500 you get unlimited access to the internet without any data cap.
At least students, hobbyists, Lecturers, professionals, homes and factories in Nigeria   will soon have all their systems in a cloud based network and life will be less difficult with industrial  automations, home automations and a data driven economy at large.
Though there services are only available in Lagos for now, we expect to that very soon their coverage will expand to cover more towns in Nigeria.
You can contact them on:
Suite C23 Cherub Mall, Beside Protea Hotel, Alpha
Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.
+234-1-4405610, +234 700 200 200 200
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