Saturday, January 16, 2016

Quantum Computers with super power already in the market and is beating the fastest PC you ever heard of

Canadian company D-Wave Systems has released its D-Wave
2X quantum computer. For those who don’t know, D-Wave
Systems is the only firm in the world that sells quantum
computers and it has NASA and Google among its customers.
Even after four years in the market, there is still no evidence that D-
Wave System machines could solve problems faster than the regular
PCs. However, with D-Wave 2X quantum computers, the firm claims
that it is up to 15 times faster than the existing problem solvers.
D-Wave 2X is company’s third quantum computing system to go on
sale and it feature more than 1000 qubits- twice the previous model.
If you wish to know more about quantum computing basics and
concept of qubits, read our introductory article on D-Wave quantum
D-Wave has compared its system’s results against an optimization
software running on an ordinary PC and derived the result that
machine was about 2 to 15 times faster than a PC. If you consider
the actual computation time, leaving aside the time taken to enter
the problem, it turns out to be 600 times faster. However, the
computer experts have called this test unfair as the D-Wave is far
more powerful than regular PCs.
New Scientist writes that D-Wave used a single core on an Intel
Xeon E5-2670 processor, but the processor has 8 such cores-
whereas the ordinary PCs have at least four. Due to more cores, a
processor splits up computation and produces results faster. Willian
Troyer of ETH Zurich says that the D-Wave’s outputs would come
down when compared to fully utilized chip.
Another expert in the field, Umesh Vazirani of the University of
California Berkeley says that other computing hardware might be
suited to a competition with D-Wave. He says, “The proper
comparison would be to run simulations on GPUs, and in the
absence of such simulations it is hard to see why a claim of speed-
up holds water.”
To know more about D-Wave 2X Quantum Computer, read their
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