Sunday, January 17, 2016

Pedal powered high speed bike is called Raht Race

Going to a leisurely bike ride is fun, healthy and productive; however, this can change when the bike becomes your main commuting vehicle. Something about open roads and having to share it with unyielding automobiles zipping by, that really takes the joy out of what should be a recreational past time. Well now there may be a way to get the best of both worlds with the RAHT Race. This human electric hybrid bike can go as fast a car, enables your body to power it like bike but has the stability of automobile.
Inventor and founder of Raht Race, Rich Kronfeld, describes his latest vehicle as a “world’s first highway speed and highway safe bike vehicle.” Short for Recumbent Automobile Human Vehicle, but basically the hybrid vehicle boosts the cyclist pedal power to increase speeds to automobile level (top speeds clocking at 100 MPH). While still getting a workout, you are able to keep up with highway traffic and the composite body of the vehicle shields you from weather elements. It is also designed towards safety featuring a roll cage, air bags and seat belts.
Inside the vehicle, you are can store a small bag or laptop, whatever you need on your commute. There is even a small seat if you care to take another rider, reducing even further a carbon footprint. Just make sure your second rider is not too large as you will be doing most of the hard work.
Powered by electricity generated by the cyclist’s pedal cadence, the Raht Race is the perfect marriage of workout and efficiency. Kronfeld is working to get this licensed towards being a fully legal high speed vehicle, as he explains the government considers anything less than four wheels to be motorcycle. The Kickstarter campaign is undergoing some updates but stay tuned to see if this Raht Race has what it takes to stay on the course.
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