Sunday, January 24, 2016

How to buy drones in Nigeria for fun ( miniatur drones)

For a while now many of us have been hearing about these drones! drones! and flying electronics gadgets. But without physically seeing these tiny and now even drone taxies you would really may not understand what these machines do and how they function.
Think about normal helicopters that we see around all the times. But helicopters are very large to be compared with a drone but they are both driven in the air.
Drones you see in Nigeria now are being owned by the government and mostly people that normally travel to bring them here. The drones come with so many kinds of flavour, some are smart while some  are dull anyway.
Okay enough of the story just try and find out the meaning and the need for a drone.
So that said, if you are living in Nigeria and you need a miniature drone for fun and you have about $100 to spare you can simply order it online from Robotshop.

Robotshop is a Canadian company that supplies all kinds of robotics and embedded products. They ship worldwide all their products including Nigeria.
But the good news i.s that you do not need to be the one to make the order online yourself. You can use the services of

LearnMate Logistics so that they can make the order and take care of the shipping for you.
You can still make your order and use their US address to receive your item while they now handle only shipping cost for you from USA. Please note that RobotShop is not a US company so any product you ordered to be shipped to the US will be charged for shipping if the order is below $75. But any order up to $75 will not be charged instead that qualifies the US addressed  buyer for free shipping.
Please note also that the drones are not toys and should not be left for children below 14 years to make use of. The Nigerian government perhaps may soon enact laws regarding the use of these drones in the country.

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