Saturday, January 23, 2016

Fastest, most affordable and reliable 3G subscription in Nigeria 2016

I am not a fan of free browsing at all since the time of symbian phones in Nigeria.
My reasons are personal and not to be held responsible for my opinion in this post.
What really matters to me is data integrity and not the volume of data being used. I have tried many of the free browsing cheats used in Nigeria but I was never satisfied.
Routinely use of free internet based things shows you are not ready for any business and do not consider your data and privacy.
For me I personally do not like using free internet things.
Recently  when I needed to start FOREX TRADING on my mobile, my boss introduced me to the Airtel Blackberry bundle that works on other operating systems including mobile gadgets  that are not Blackberry.
I do not know why Airtel choose to name the bundle "Airtel Blackberry Unlimited". Indeed so far in this 2016 the subscription is the fastest, most reliable and most affordable data bundle.
With only N1500 for 30 days you get a total of 3G data volume to use on the Airtel network.
Computer users and Android phone users in Nigeria can use this subscription at full speed of about 1MBs on the 3G band for one month.
To activate this data bundle the code to dial is *435#.
to check your data balance dial *123*9#.

Please note that this subscription is best used on the 3G network than on EDGE/2G.

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