Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Wireless transmission of Electric power to load

Induction is one of the interesting things you get to know about electricity.

Understanding induction would really help you to assimilate the the fact that power can be tranferd from source to load without any auxiliary circuit. When ever there is a changing characteristics in a circuit, either current, voltage or impedance, there is going to be some elements of reactions in the circuit. The frequency of the changing characteristic plays the major role of attenuation control as you would get maximum energy to be transferred when the circuit is in resonance. There has been evidence to show that real power instead of signal can really be transferred through the air at a reasonable distance. Other factors like capacitance can also be used to enhance the efficiency of the transmission. Ok enough of the story if you really want to try this out by yourself here is a post from instructables: Wireless power transfer to load
that shows exactly how you can start experimenting with power through the wireless.
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