Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Yamaha Builds A Robot That Drives Motorcycles better than world Champion

While others were busy showing what their automobile has got, Yamaha displayed a marvel of engineering and AI at the Tokyo Motor Show. It wasn’t just any superbike or a green fuel motorcycle, but a humanoid that could effectively control and zoom on Yamaha’s 1000cc R1M.As humans were already pissed off of the fact that machines would take their jobs becoming a doctor, lawyer and architect, Motobot and the flavour of the season, self-driving cars, have taken the drivers’ seat as well.
Motobot is the product of an intense R&D effort in robotics technology and Yamaha’s aim to create a robot that could cruise any unmodified bike. And if you are a rider yourself, you would understand that this task is no easy.Yamaha released a video showing Motobot riding its superbike with ease and in its childish voice even called out the MotoGP world champion, Valentino Rossi as he said, “I am improving my skills every day. I was created to surpass you.” But, unlike other superstars, Motobot is quite humble and realises that he needs to learn from the master to catch up to him.
The superbike riding robot has caught every speed lover’s attention for the ultimate battle between the man and the machine on a superbike. However, the makers are still working to improve Motobot skills until it touches 200 kph on a racetrack.
Yamaha wants to use its state-of-the-art technology to ‘pioneer new lines of business’ which has left many wondering what could it be! Could we be witnessing a humanoid MotoGP now?

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Wireless transmission of Electric power to load

Induction is one of the interesting things you get to know about electricity.

Understanding induction would really help you to assimilate the the fact that power can be tranferd from source to load without any auxiliary circuit. When ever there is a changing characteristics in a circuit, either current, voltage or impedance, there is going to be some elements of reactions in the circuit. The frequency of the changing characteristic plays the major role of attenuation control as you would get maximum energy to be transferred when the circuit is in resonance. There has been evidence to show that real power instead of signal can really be transferred through the air at a reasonable distance. Other factors like capacitance can also be used to enhance the efficiency of the transmission. Ok enough of the story if you really want to try this out by yourself here is a post from instructables: Wireless power transfer to load
that shows exactly how you can start experimenting with power through the wireless.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

How to get Arduino, Raspberry PI and other Embedded development tools in NIgeria

One of the major challenges Nigerian electronic engineering students, hobbyists, professional s and technicians face in in the country is  the availability of some electronic components for both analogue and digital circuit designs. I faced the same problems when I was starting up newly and it was no fun getting to know about a reliable vendor/store locally here in the country . Though it depends on your location and mobility in the country, you can actually get some if not most of these components within your tour area if you can perform a an extensive search as some of these vendors are totally offline and do not have an eCommerce. These items from  can be very affordable over the counter at the local stores here in Nigeria but when it comes to shipping the price is not funny. If you are close to any of these stores you can walk into any of them and get what ever you want they have at no extra charges. You will only have to pay for local shipping (way bill) if you are not really going to be able to physically be at local shops. The shipping is done through any of the public and commercial transportation parks across the Nation. I will have to point out that if you are requesting for shipping make sure you are buying enough components so that you spend less relative to the price of items you are buying,it makes no sense to ship a single microchip where the shipping cost would be more that five times higher the price
Some of the companies are:

Formally located in Kaduna but now in Abuja. They really have good support and can send to anywhere in Nigeria, they serve those in the north very well and their products are very cheap regarding Forex Issues in Nigeria.


Located in Nsukka main town Enugu state. You can go to the office and see things yourself as they are also so reliable and ships across the country through buses
They also serve the eastern dudes very well.


A very reliable Lagos based store that has all kinds of components in stock and even your requested item is not in their store they can help you buy directly from China within one week of ordering with a buy for me service.

 Okay please note, I am only recommending these sources on my own level of assessment because of the services I have received from them. I will add more sources to update the post when I confirm their credibility. Javaprince the Embedded. Thank you.
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