Monday, November 16, 2015


One major reason behind my love for arduino was mobile programming on Android using an open sourced application ArduinoDroid.
I tried uploading my first sketch from a windows xp system but due to the slow system configurations where it was installed it always ended up crashing the arduino IDE or the system crashes whenever the arduino is plugged in.
That made me hated everything  arduino in the beginning, it was no fun.
So I had an htcONE X but never knew it could as well be used to programme the arduino. Wow!!! Javaprince Embedded a big fan of mobile computing, honestly I love being mobile.
So that said, I started to explore things myself.
I became so curious when I found out the only thing I needed to buy was an OTG cable so I had to go for it. I downloaded the official ArduinoDroid app from Play Store and was just connecting things.
The app is very interesting as it made everyone, even lecturers thought I was a geek too.
Because I could just reprogramme my arduino under seconds in my hands. (though I am though) ::::))))).lol.
Okay, sorry for making jest of myself.
One interesting thing about the app is great support from the developer and constant  upgrades of the app. I am posting this from a mobile platform if not I would have just uploaded the screenshots.
The app comes preloaded with some libraries and example sketches like the normal blink sketch and the LCD sketches.
Yes, so if your Android phone has OTG support, you only can programme your arduino with it using   ArduinoDroid Android app, OTG Cable, your fingers, your time and obviously the arduino itself that is all.
I will talk about other advanced  features of the app for the newbies in another post.
Thank you for reading.
JavaPrince is always EMBEDDED.
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