Monday, November 16, 2015


One major reason behind my love for arduino was mobile programming on Android using an open sourced application ArduinoDroid.
I tried uploading my first sketch from a windows xp system but due to the slow system configurations where it was installed it always ended up crashing the arduino IDE or the system crashes whenever the arduino is plugged in.
That made me hated everything  arduino in the beginning, it was no fun.
So I had an htcONE X but never knew it could as well be used to programme the arduino. Wow!!! Javaprince Embedded a big fan of mobile computing, honestly I love being mobile.
So that said, I started to explore things myself.
I became so curious when I found out the only thing I needed to buy was an OTG cable so I had to go for it. I downloaded the official ArduinoDroid app from Play Store and was just connecting things.
The app is very interesting as it made everyone, even lecturers thought I was a geek too.
Because I could just reprogramme my arduino under seconds in my hands. (though I am though) ::::))))).lol.
Okay, sorry for making jest of myself.
One interesting thing about the app is great support from the developer and constant  upgrades of the app. I am posting this from a mobile platform if not I would have just uploaded the screenshots.
The app comes preloaded with some libraries and example sketches like the normal blink sketch and the LCD sketches.
Yes, so if your Android phone has OTG support, you only can programme your arduino with it using   ArduinoDroid Android app, OTG Cable, your fingers, your time and obviously the arduino itself that is all.
I will talk about other advanced  features of the app for the newbies in another post.
Thank you for reading.
JavaPrince is always EMBEDDED.

Sunday, November 1, 2015


Arduino is what I will talk about here based on
my own understanding without any reference to
any external material.

Arduino is an open source prototype board having
an ATMega microcontroller that can be used in
embedded system designs. The board can be
programmed using the Arduino IDE that can be
used on Windows and Mac. I have also been able
to programme my arduino uno with my phone.
Yes Arduino can be programmed with an Android
phone that has USB host capability.
The technology is called OTG (On the go). So only
OTG Android phones and tablets can be used to
transfer compiled hex files from a mobile device
to the Arduino board without the need for a
computer system. Whether it is for fun, learning,
entertainment or debugging another hardware, the
arduino board is equipped in such a way that it
can handle a considerable range of switching and
control functionalities.
The board comes is so many flavours which are
mainly based on the design of the particular
board in terms of the underlying ATMega
microcontroller embedded on the board.
The arduino platform try to simplify the processes
involved in the design of microcontroller based
It does so by providing the board and the
necessary components on the board like the
crystal oscillators, LEDs and other auxiliaries that
the board needs to function with properly.
The desktop IDE makes it so easy to write,
compile and transfer the firmware from computer
to the board.
If you want to start microcontroller programming
you would notice there is a serious gap between
the electronics and the programming language to
be used in writing of the codes.
The arduino programming language which is a
high level programming language and has a C++
style of syntax is there to hide the actual low level
system configurations that as normally done with
low level programming languages like C and
The fun here is that the gap between softwares
and electronics is kept at minimum when
developing embedded systems on this
On the other hand each microcontroller that
comes with each board is preloaded with a
bootloader and it is this bootloader that does so
many of the tricks and hides many things from the
user of the arduino board. By accepting the
compiled sketch through a USB connected phone
or computer system.
It updates the code section of the microcontroller
whenever such instruction signal gets to the
The serial pins can also be used to transfer data
between the arduino and any other serial device
as it runs a particular sketch.
It is also responsible for running the transfered
code whenever there is no code to be transfered.
What the arduino can be used for should not be a
concern as there have been a lot of arduino based
designs and projects implemented by people in
the past snd dtill counting. You just have to think
of your next own arduino project.
Your environment determines how far you can go
with arduino projects depending on the availability
of arduino products in your country.
I have not really done much with arduino but
many people have a lot with it.
I must say this: Arduino is not really what you
need to deploy a commercial product based on
it's size. At the same time you can use it for
sensor based projects in a time critical situations.
People who are not so deeply involved with
electronics nor know anything much about
electricity can comfortably embark on embedded
projects as the whole of arduino platform is open
sourced and easy to use. Arduino is the perfect
name when you want to say an "idiot guide to
embedded programming".
Thank you for reading my dull embedded post...

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